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December 10, 2004


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I think you had wrote a letter to your Darling Daughter,And you say that This is your first formal dance, replete with dress, hair, flowers, dinner and the event itself.Any way.I am also fond of Dancing.

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I stupidly agreed to having a dance off with a boy this Friday night..but the problem is I cant dance!Does anybody know any cool moves that even the worst dancers could master?I dont want to chicken out of it!

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Hey really I have also the same problem.... I'm also one of the worse dancer.... I can't dance but I'm a very good singer... Thanks for sharing the above information, I found it very interesting.... Thanks very much for sharing it.

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I am also an big fan dance and it creats much interesting and a very nice and refreshing mind for doing something. Before two years I am using to dancing daily for staying healthy.

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Dancing is one of the best expressions of how we are feeling, I also love to dance, specially salsa and merengue.

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Isn't that a beautiful experience, and an unforgettable one.


I remember when I was in high school and I had my dance with my friends and girlfriend. It was a nice experience.


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