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February 18, 2005


The Kicker

Put fries up your nose and make walrus noises at Burger King and see if anybody notices.

Kiznik Kizzle in gangsta land

Walk up to a random guy on the street and force him to give you his name and number for a date with your sister--use pepper spray.


Follow people in the grocery store and write down everything they buy. Explain to security that you're doing research for a book--or that you're a bitchez on tha edge. Whatever works.

The Only One Home

Stand outside the grocery store with a clipboard and count the people. Better yet, do it with a friend--one for arrivals, one for departures. When you get to one hundred either way, hand out a certificate, candy bar, and take a picture. Why not?

You can go back as often as you like and make a name for yourselves--any name will do. A great bonding activity.

The Weirdo

Walk up to random strangers and say, "Hi! It's so good to see you again. It seems like years." And then go off on everything you've been doing while they're wondering who you are. Before they can ask, say goodbye and walk off.


I really like gluing quaters to the floor and watching people try and pick them up. Especialy in the dorm laundry room. College students can never have to many quaters. Another good one is telling every one who walks in to class about how much time you spent on the "homework" due today. Gets me almost every time. I'm so gullable.


PS. I love the new picture.

Kickin It

Why not leave a plate of brownies on a display in WalMart with a sign that says take one, and then stand at a distance and see what happens.


Lay on the floor in the bathroom at Walmart until the ambulance comes, then get up and walk away.


Attend a funeral for some random dead person and right after the eulogy start humming AC DC's "Highway to Hell" really loud.


Have you ever noticed when you order at a drive up window they almost always ask "would you like something to drink with that?" You can reply by saying, "Oh Yeah, I'd like a large hot dog water with a small packet of mustard."


Tell your husband or partner "Too bad you weren't home an hour ago, I was in the mood for sex.... Now I'm too tired...(sigh) Goodnight Dear."

The Kicker

Okay, Calypso. I'm ROFL! Same to the rest of you crazies.

Ms. Strange

Okay, here's one. Go over to Kick Shoe Kooy, find the surrealism generator, type up a quote, put it on the bulletin board at work--anonymously, and then stand in front of it and laugh a lot. When some poor person stands there perplexed say, "Don't you get it?" Laugh some more and walk away.


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