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April 13, 2005



Great poem. Honest, and not too sugar-coated. What a terrible ordeal for a person to endure.

Are you going to let him read it? (If so, you're braver than I am. I typically only let people I don't really know read my stuff. I've never shown anyone something I wrote about them.)


Some people are dealt SO much more than they can deal with or should have to. I will be sending positive energy his way.


Thanks to you both. Yes, Scott. This was for him, and I will let him read it. It's a gift to be back in his life, even though I am quite certain that neither of us recalls exactly why we took six years off. I admire his tenacity, and know that it's been a *very long* road, both physically and mentally, to have gotten to the point where he was willing to undergo surgery. I too hope for the best.

The guy in the poem

Thank you so much, Kimberley, for the wonderful poem. I'm honored -- and incredibly impressed by your writing talents.

The surgery went as well as could possibly be expected. I was walking, complete with my newly manufactured back brace, within five days of the surgery and was able to go home a week after that, about a month ahead of schedule.

I benefited from a confluence of prayers in at least three states, from friends and stangers, up to and including the date of the surgery. Not to mention inspiring verse from a longtime friend who I'm so glad to have back in my life.

Thank you again.

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