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April 06, 2005



Pretty. Sad. Good.


I didn't notice poetry in your archives. Have you posted other poems?


Beautiful, Kimberley. I'm glad Huck told us to bring kleenex.


Yeah, this moment really isn't very pleasant. Scott, thanks for asking, but I
ve not written poetry before, but you, Cathy and Bob are quite inspiring. That and my difficult brother. Thanks for the comments and support - think I should try again on a happier note?


That is a beautiful poem. Very poignant.


I identify all too well with the frustrations you feel. My family, especially my Dad, was always so uncomfortable for me to be around. He hurt my feelings every chance he got, and my Mom would do the "martyr" thing whenever Dad and I fought. So I stayed away. Then, when my Mom died of cancer, my sister said I was ungrateful because I didn't help care for her (I was trying to make a living, y'know), and then my Dad said that I had "fifty years to prove" I loved MOM. Then two months later, he committed suicide. Sheesh. I hate families. Too much crap.


I think you express yourself well in poetry, and would do so whatever mood you're in. Yes, I would encourage you to write more.


I enjoyed your poem, too! Very nice, very hard-hitting. I've discovered that I'm a lot more productive with poetry when I'm sad (I think it's therapeutic). When I'm content, it doesn't come so easily.

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