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January 05, 2006


Kick Shoe

I'm glad Kim Kim survived the trauma of your absense. Yoda!


Is 21 lbs pretty big for a pom? Because if I imagine kicking a pomeranian, say one has lept out of some bushes and attached itself to my ankle or shin, and I need to boot it a good one, i always imagine that little guy or gal would rainbow probably 30 feet easy...well, I have strong legs, but at 21 lbs I'm not so sure. I'm so not interested in pulling a muscle just to go for distance. If you know what I mean.


Did he come from a breeder that consistently has large poms? My roomate's been looking for a 10-15 pound pom on-and-off for a bit and we'd love a referral if you can give one.



Send me email - I am happy to provide info on the breeder but I do not know for sure whether they get big poms with any consistency. I am certain that they're happy to answer the question, however!

Best, Kimberley

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